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My blogs are written just for you guys. Just to tell you what I'm up to or maybe a new fantasy I have. Whatever it may be you're the only one who has access to it!

Updating fanclub Date: Feb 11th @ 12:39pm EST
TWITTER/ NEW TOY! Date: Nov 3rd @ 10:26am EST
Yesterday I went out and bought a yummy new toy for us to play with! I couldn't drive by my local sex store without getting something for my number 1s. I went in and I saw so many fun things. I probably spent a half hour just browsing through all their choices and it was so hard for me to choose what was best for me. I went with my favorite color though, purple. :)
If you know me, then you'd know I got rid of all my toys when I stopped modeling for a few years. But now I am back in FULL FORCE and ready to blow your minds. I only got one because I am not used to playing with these big toys anymore! I am planning another trip to go buy a few more treats for you.. tell me what you want to see me use or wear and I will add it to my list!

On another note, I finally got my twitter up and running! (alessandrafoxxx) Now you can follow my every move ;)
I will be posting new things all the time so I can keep you up to date on my life. Feel free to follow me and don't be afraid to send me a message :) I love hearing from you guys! MUAAAAAAAAH

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